1 Oct 2012

Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky

1st of all: Very good book. Immersive, at times tense, then thoughtful. Concentrated.

A concentrated work, concentrated ideas, squashed together tightly, in a tight box. A prison. This Dostoevsky hates the city; it stinks so much. People live unimaginably abominably. Watching them squirm in the hot, dusty ruts is irritating and attractive. The civilized reduced to animals by the heated dirt and bricks.

Gratuitous philosophy. This one thought that; that one thought this, thought and theorized and analyzed his theories and then analyzed his own analyzing, all this in cynical disgust, all going nowhere. One would think the world can only be ended if such text is possible in it.

The entrance is easy; feels like we are the hero. How he gets where he is is minutely studied, observed, hypothesized and understood, such that we can be him, do his deeds even the most sinful. And thus we can follow him even when he goes mad: this is admirable, this concentration from the author, that he can take us so far from our own lives in a vehicle that we feel we can ride.

Very good.