19 Aug 2004


Ulysses, James Joyce - I read this for the first time in high school, and the essay I wrote about it was titled "Subtlety". I got so excited about the concept of subtlety that I even tried to insert a watermark in my essay on every page, with the word "subtlety". Luckily, my printer wouldn't show it. I remember that one observation I made in my essay was that things sometimes happen in Ulysses from several different angles, and that if you put the events together they might reveal other things. Or some character might be walking along trying to remember something, and then a million things will happen, and then 100 pages later he'll remember it. Which I found remarkable for the patience it would require to write. I learned later that I based most of observations on the chapter called "Wandering Rocks", and that that chapter is made precisely to make you think of such things.