15 Apr 2018

The Terror

The Terror, Dan Simmons

Having trouble saying this: it's not very satisfying, but it's rilly, rilly good.

It's like there's a bunch of loose ends that don't get... Andy told me, just before he lent it to me, that he wished he could read it faster because he was just at the part where all the loose ends were being tied up and he couldn't wait to find out why everything happened.

I didn't find out why anything happened.

Here are my gripes: Who sailed The Terror to its final resting place? Why did C. never learn of H.’s fate? Did Lt. CdV and team make it? Why did the thing attack in the order it did? Under what conditions did the "two poisons" in the Goldner cans kill? Why were we told of the two American girls with double joints? And the quack doctor? Why was there emphasis on the food in Lt. JI.’s stomach and in the esquimaux’ stomachs, as well as insistence on the secrecy of these facts, when these facts were never used?

For every one of these questions, I was just dying with curiosity for up to 700 pages, and none of them have even the remotest hint of an answer on a silver platter.

And yet, there is nothing like this book and I am, like Stephen King, in awe of Dan Simmons. I do recommend.