10 Jun 2013

L'amour au temps de choléra

L'amour au temps de choléra, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, tr. Annie Morvan

I was not prepared to suffer another slab of magic realism, much as I liked the first two. And I was impressed at how Marquez didn't need it.

This is good storytelling, and it's a story that needs skill. That he pulls it off without magic realism--and that he manages more than once to even tip over the brink of magic realism before pulling back--proved to me, in the funny sense that these things need to be proven in academic reading, but do not so in casual reading, that this guy is very, very good.
If there were ten other Marquez books waiting for me, and if this one had been the third in a
row that dosed out the same gimmick, I would not have given the rest a thought. Now, I expect how ever many of them are left to be too few.