30 Nov 2012

The Worm Ouroboros

The Worm Ouroboros, E. R. Eddison

Very good fantasy. Treats its romantic, imagined universe with surprising confidence, unapologetic for its amusing inconsistencies: a setting on a world named "Mercury" lacking the most elementary foundation in the physics of the planet Mercury; a hero race named "Demons" that start the book sporting horns, a feature which receives no mention during later physionomic detailing; and a host of other geologic and temporal inventions that have no ambition for basis in any reality.

I've heard it called "high fantasy:" perhaps the "high" refers to the state in which one's mind must be to accept the textual constructions, but I don't feel it is fantasy at all: just a sort of outpouring of images from fun nights on Hallowe'en, romance novels and war films that finds itself in the same binding.