3 Mar 2005

The Dilbert Principle

The Dilbert Principle, Scott Adams - Reading this just made me realise what a good writer Dave Barry actually is. Okay: Scott Adams is a successful cartoonist, and here, he decided to write a book with cartoons interspersed. The cartoons are good, but the text of the book is so-so. The writing style reminds me of Dave Barry; in fact I believe that Scott was trying to write like Dave Barry. He uses the same absurd logic and off-topic footnotes, and makes fun of himself as well as people in general, but I think he just fails to hit that effortless Dave Barry stride. Also, I'd like to note that at the time I was reading this, I noticed a book on my co-worker's desk called "The Peter Principle". I picked it up and read the back; it turns out that Scott Adams based his title on the title of this other, well-known(?), business tome.

1 Mar 2005

Green Grass, Running Water

Green Grass, Running Water, Thomas King I feel so relieved to have finally read a good, postmodern book in a lit course. Ok: it's a textbook for lit students, considering how packed it is with "this means somethings", but it's also funny. I don't usually laugh out loud, especially not at books, but I laughed out loud.